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Lo que han dicho los críticos...

Trim-Trimpo flip over any clichés associated with jazz trios. This is a truly challenging, adventurous group; they produce music that redefines progressive jazz, liberating themselves from any stylistic restrictions and allowing their imaginations to run wild. Some of the album has the atmospheric qualities of a film soundtrack but only for the artiest of cinema.
On Static Horizon, Haynes' piano seems to materialize behind bits of odd, ominous noise; it's like William S. Burroughs' disorienting, cut-and-splice prose as interpreted by instruments.
Unprepared has the quirky, childlike feel of a Tim Burton film while the clanging percussion of Luis' Thing is the perfect score to a chase scene. The band is completely out of control on the aptly named Chaos with Haynes and Candeias jamming as if their lives depended on it.
However, Trim-Trimpo ends the record on a relatively mellow note with the scratchy percussion, minimalist piano, and spine-tingling bass of Epilogue.
ROBERT SUTTON www.jazzcorner.com

There is a fleetness of touch in the musicians' performances that makes the music seem to take flight. The result is a mysteriously beautiful composition that I never wanted to end.
To create an articulate structure with contextual logic and a followable narrative is an art-form; to do so in a group context is even more challenging. That Mitchell and Haynes make it sound so easy, so suffused with consummate musicianship is a credit to their promising talent and impeccable taste.
CHRISTIAN CAREY Splendid ezine

This one features a quintet of pianist Duncan Haynes, trumpeter Byron Wallen, tenor saxophonist Johnny Lippiett, double bassist Sam Lasserson and drummer Dave Hamblett. This fine combination of two generations of British players tackle Clark's music with marvellous assurance and just the right amount of emotion... Lippiett's terrific, wide open tone and Wallen's focussed, rich trumpet are the perfect lead vehicles for music of strength and passion. Haynes digs deep too, and the rhythm team is lithely powerful. That passion reminded me at times of Charlie Haden's Music Liberation Orchestra, a similarly committed project... It works a treat, making this not only a powerful political statement but, equally importantly, an hour of damn fine jazz music.
PETER BACON thejazzbreakfast.com

The set concludes on a piece with gospel inflections, a perfect summary of the duo's chemistry and deep understanding. There is no denying its artistry, creativity and understated charm.

The consistently fabulous Leo label continues to unearth creative music form spirits known and often unknown... Intricate ideas, majestic and melodic, melancholy and elegant.

It's a real rarity - an easy-listening avantgarde album.
IAJRC Journal

Letztenendes sind hier jedoch sehr viele musikalische Einflusse verarbeitet worden, oder besser gesagt verschmolzen in einer angenehm warmen, sich subtil entfaltenden, nach innen gerichteten Musik.
MY WAY magazine

There's rarely a dull moment on this dynamically performed, well-crafted set of compositions... The impressive pianist Duncan Haynes and the young and highly rated rhythm section are fired up and play great.

Sophie Garner makes a striking CD debut. She has the knack of making a song swing ... Her band is excellent, especially pianist Duncan Haynes and saxophonist Brandon Allen.
DAVE GELLY The Observer, UK