Make your practice both more rewarding and more efficient.

If you are learning a musical instrument it's because you love music, right? It moves you and you want to share this with others.
But learning music isn't easy. It's likely that sometimes you feel frustrated with a lack of progress. You procrastinate, then feel guilty. You're uncertain about what methods of practice really produce the results you're looking for. Perhaps you even feel the efforts you do make are wasted.

This book is easy to read and packed with techniques and mental models that you can put into action today, no matter whether you're a beginner or a pro. Applicable to any instrument and any style, Mastering the Practice of Music might just change your life!

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Original albums recorded in Hungary, London, The Hague and Lima with treasured collaborators Cleia Luna, Andres Prado, Jules Jackson, Simon Pearson, Gonzalo Almeida and Matthew Mitchell. Time and music moves on, but the wonderful memories of these musical moments remain.



Paisaje Pasajero • Obsesión • A Pique
Paris, France 2017/18

Arrows and Loops • Solar • Wayne's Thang • Giant Steps • Silence • Mushi Mushi • Naima
Lima, Peru 2013/14


Over the span of a 25 year performing and teaching career around the world I've developed resources and strategies to target key skills for all musicians, specialising in contemporary piano styles and general jazz improvisation.
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